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38 Years old
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     Dreamfox's Details
Status:I'm on a sojourn
Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
Zodiac Sign:cancer

     Dreamfox's Interests
I am here for:I would like to meet dreams, nightmares and new journeys. One of my favorite quotes is by Pablo Picasso, it goes: Everything you can imagine is real. Right now as I finish writing this, Im imagining you.
Interests:I love to read or write deep within the woods, night or day beneath the clouds or beneath the stars. Willingly I allow wanderlust to overcome me and sweep me away to far off lands. I find a sense of childish joy in traveling and do so often. Other things I love are letting random images or stories pass through my mind as I listen to music, The beautiful crisp colors of death in autumn, staring up at endless possibilities within the flux of clouds, Driving with no destination and exploring the new area. I'm always looking to try new things and travel to new places--I keep an open mind about other cultures and seek to have new experiences daily. I can be the kind of guy who enjoys a nostalgic day, but I love to find new roads.
Movies:Far too many mediums in the public eye of social interest have become more and more linear and bland. I enjoy a movie or show that grabs my attention by offering a new and or inventive perspective on life. I detest any displays of human atrocity that dull societys mind and desensitize them to violence. My favorite three movies are: Storm of the Century, Enemy Mine and Braveheart.
Television:Berserk, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, The Night Gallery, Monsters, Family Guy, Columbo, Dragonball Z, Tales From The Crypt, Dr.Who, Gargoyles, Tom And Jerry, Sliders, The Twilight Zone, Tales From The Dark Side, Red Dwarf, Heroes, Firefly, American Gothic, The Outer Limits, Batman The Animated Series, Loony Toons, Quantum Leap, BLAME!, Lain, George Carlin Stand up comedy, Eddie Izzard stand up comedy, Droopy, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Strange Luck
Books:I recently read: The Ins--the story was a strange existentialist perception portrayed through the lives of secret agents that battled a slew of obscure archetypes bent on giving the human race to an ancient evil. Its never ending twists and use of a broad cultural perspective from many walks of life kept me intrigued. Not many stories touch on as many subjects as The Ins--truly a book to make you question everything, even the alphabet. Other books I enjoy: Roger Zelazny Lord Of Light, Mans Search For Meaning, Now We Are Sick, Stardust, Edgar Allen Poe's Works, The Inferno, Tao Te Ching The Way Of Chuang Tzu, Promethia, Good Omens, The Sandman, The Dhammapada, Weaveworld, William Blake's Works, Coraline, Lucifer By Mike Cary, Fragments, The Book Of Five Rings, Fables By Bill Willingham, Ray Bradbury, Watchmen By Alan Moore, The Walking Dead, Kingdom Come, Identity Crisis, Green Arrow by Kevin Smith, The Bluest Eye, Canterbury Tales, The Call of the Wild, Cerebus, The New X-Men by Grant Morrison, Animal Man, Sin City, Ronin, Hellblazer, The Dark Knight Returns, Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Cant Get No, Paradise Lost, Grimms Fairy Tales, American Gods, The Monarch of the Glen, The Hellbound Heart, Y: The Last Man, Preacher, White Oleander, The Zombie Survival Guide, Robert E. Howard's Works

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Welcome to my profile!

"All things are not self" -Buddah

"When the time came, Heavens fellowship gathered through a fallen salvation. Now through the twisted nether, solitude spews forth a Kaleidoscope of madness into the minds of man. "

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Invisible Jactitation

Date 10/24/07 02:53 Date 0 Icon 333
What if in our own existence we are nothing more than our conscious state?

Could it be that the 3 dimensions we perceive are nothing more than the products of a fourth?

And that our conscious state is but a mirror which reflects the three dimensions around us?

If our conscious state were the fourth dimension, perhaps we limit our existence by projecting lesser versions of it upon our world, thus we create the three dimensions and do not believe in a fourth.

If this were true we could ... Read this article | User's blog

   About Dreamfox
I live life the way I choose as the world chooses to change daily and find living more fruitful when I stop to appreciate its simplicity. I enjoy leaning against a tree in the forest and reading poetry, I take calm in a nap under the stars, I find the wind carrying stories wherever I go as long as I take the time to listen and I feel the sun warm my soul upon a mountain top. I feel a deep affection for the misfortunate victims of evil human acts and I chose to fuel an inner fire to warm my heart by a future career in Criminology. Following my heart has lead me to a passion for writing--I write poetry, comics, short stories, plays and more. Currently Im in college and maturing my artistic medium to one day realizing my true potential. My spirit - Understanding myself and knowing what I want--through this I'm able to lend advice that I believe in to those in need. I value helping others when I can--the feeling I get warms my spirit and builds virtue. My heart - Powered by my dreams, my fears, those that show me love, those that show me hate--my heart beat drums upon a life of lessons and as I learn from them my heart grows stronger and so do I.

   Dreamfox's Music
Kate Bush's sound has always deconstructed the archetypes society has planted within my subconscious mind through the media. I perceive that the world is in a state of constant hypnosis and that people weave this hypnosis into a pattern of delirium that forms a 'sensible' enigma we accept without question. I also perceive that music helps unweave this 'in the box thinking' by manifesting a paradox within ourselves bringing your conscious bordered mind into existence with eternity. Some music I enjoy listening to: Kate Bush, Ulver, Tchaikovsky, Nirvana, Nightwish, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Ghoultown, Voltaire, Pearl Jam, Mozart, The Clash, Arcturus, Perfect Circle, Juno Reactor, Celtic Frost, And Oceans, Opeth, Dead Can Dance, Moonspell, Mortiis, The Crystal Method, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Beethoven, Amorphis, Tool, Velvet Acid Christ, Blind Guardian, Wumpscut, Porcupine Tree, Demons And Wizards, Julien-k, Iced Earth, Celtic Frost,Primordial, Soul Coughing, Iron Maiden, Fintroll, Gary Jules, Tiger Army, Lisa Gerrard, Xerxes, Emilie Autumn, Dismal, Arcana, Lycia, Tara Vanflower, And Then The Moon, Arcana, Dropkick Murphies, Okusa, Ez3kiel, Arcanta, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses, Led Zeppelin, The Spiritual Bat

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