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59 Years old

0.00 miles away.
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     neo's Details
Zodiac Sign:sagittarius

     neo's Interests
I am here for:My Father, Amy Lee, Kate Bush , Toyah again. Met David Carradine (kill bill) Tom Baker (Dr Who) Bonnie Langford, Pat Benatar, Danny Jules & Norman Lovett (RED DWARF), Frasier Hines ( Old Emmerdale) Dana, Nick Cotton, Ross Kemp (Grant Mitchell)Peter Beardsley, Bobby Robson, Jimmy Nail,Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) Jeremy Bullock (Boba Fett) Anthony Daniels (C3P0) & many more Ive met.
Interests:Outdoor activities like camping , Kayaking, Rock Climbing Abseiling. Going to live Gigs. Dining out at good resterants. Piss up with the lads.
Movies:Sci fi, LOTR, Lakehouse. Gladiator , 300, Jim Carrey films.
Television:Ray Mears, Red Dwarf (met Danny Jules & Norman Lovett) Friends . Scrubs,
Heroes:Richard Branson, Chris Bonnington,

Adult Questionaire - Sexual
Favorite Sexual Position(s)? Missionary , Edge of Bed Missionary , Blossoming Flower Missionary , Side entry missionary , Squashing of the deckchair , Peace Sign , Butterfly position , Coital alignment technique , The Yawning Position , Octopus Position , Doggy style , Leapfrog , Froggy , Upright doggy , Upright doggy pull-back , Spread-eagle , Spoons , Reverse Peace sign , Inverted Missionary , Camel Ride / Camel-Style , The Screw , Cowboy/girl sex position , Amazon Position , Reverse Cowboy/girl sex Position , Reverse Amazon/Nero , Italian chandelier , Reverse Cowboy/girl Horizontal , Asian Cowgirl , Horizontal Reverse , Full Control , The Crabwalk , Watching the Game , Armchair , Black Bee , Furniture , Persuading of the debtor , Playing of the cello , Please Be Seated , Proposal , Split Level , Stand and carry , Standing , Wheelbarrow , High Heels , Harvey Wallbanger , Threading the needle , Take a bow , Cross , NASCAR , Head to toe , Rocking chair , K , Drilling for Oil , Spread Eagle Piledriver , The Seventh Posture , The Axe
Sexual Style? Kinky , Clean , Classic , Dirty , Sensual , Teaser , Quick and Dirty , Hard and Fast , Other
Fetishism? Boots , Jeans , Stockings , Latex / PVC , Leather , Silk / Satin , Anaclitism , Fruit , Schoolgirl Uniform , Stripping , Wet and Messy
What is your sexual fantasy? All of the above lol
If adding food into the act out of the question? Yes
Kink? Ice , Blindfolds , Other

What is your favorite genre? comedy
what is your favorite color? red & black

Generic Questionaire
Marital Status? Single
Have Children? Yes
Employment Status? Full-Time
Occupation? Administrative
Education? Did not finish Jr. High
Annual Salary? <$30,000
My TV Watching Habbits? Sitcoms , Saturday Morning Cartoons , News , Discovery , History Channel , Others
My Native Tongue Is? English
My Second Language is? French
Political Views? Non Political
Sense of Humor? Clever / Witty
Interested In? Hiking , Exploring New Things , Cooking , My Family & Friends , Live Bands , Religion / Spirituality , Going to the Movies , Chatting Online
Friends Describe Me As? Fun Loving and Wild
Favorite Type of Movies? Cult Films , Family , Science Fiction , Animation / Cartoons , Comedy
I Drive A? Other
My Biggest Pet Peeve? Long lines in stores , Bad Waiters / Waitresses , Sitting in traffic
Favorite Genres of Music? Classical , Reggae , Rock , Heavy Rock , Heavy Metal

Match Making Questionaire
Ethnicity? Caucasian
Height? 6�0
Eye Color? Brown
Body Type? Average
Hair Color? Black
Want More Children? Prefer not to say
Smoking? Former Smoker
Drinking? Socially
In a Social Setting, I'm? Life of the party
Currently Living? With my pets
Religion? Christian
Attend Services? I�ll Burn If I Go
What is your favorite food? Chinese
What is your favorite color? Red & Black
What is your most hated food? BaNanas
Describe your ideal partner? Cameron DiaZ
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Galactic Empire
How many sexual partners have you had? Prefer not to say
Who is your hero? Obi Wan Kenobi
Have you ever wondered "The one that got away"? Sometimes
What is one place that you have always wanted to travel? Crab Nebula
What is your greatest failure? The Conquest of Earth
What has been your greatest accomplishment? The Conquest of Mars

Physical Description
Ethnicity? Inter-racial
Body Type? Average
Height? 6\'00
Hair Color? Black
Eye Color? Brown
Body Art? No

What industry do you work in?? Construction / Craftsman
Employment Status? Full Time
Education? Some College
Annual Salary? Between $30,001 and $50,000

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Welcome to my profile!

Anyone who said nothings impossible hasnt tried to

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Is there anybody out there ???

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Is there anyone on this myspace thing here? ... Read this article | User's blog

   About neo
Hi Im a 42 yr old divorced man ( yes 42 not 43 as the profile says for some reason). I have 2 sons & a daughter who I see often. Kinda hard to know what to say without this sounding like a dating profile so I`ll leave it at this for now. If you Want to know more then ask.

   neo's Music
Varied......... Loved the 80`s, main passion is rock music like AC/DC Rainbow , Pat benetar, Evanescence, Ozzy, Maiden and so on . I have a more cultured tast too like classical & opera, Vanessa Mae , Nigel Kennedy , Pavorotti.etc

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