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52 Years old
New Hartford
New York
0.00 miles away.
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Last logged in on 02/08/08 07:24
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     diva71's Details
Sexual Orientation:Wouldn't you like to know????
Zodiac Sign:scorpio
Children:Proud Parent

     diva71's Interests
Television:I like sitcoms because I luv to laugh. I am completely into Animal Planet (Steve Irwin is greatly missed!!!) :( I don't miss IRON CHEF AMERICA!!!!!!!!
Books:I love the Vampire Chronicles! I enjoy Dean Koontz, Robin Cook, Rita Mae Brown. Basically I will read anything.

Adult Questionaire - Sexual
Favorite Sexual Position(s)? Edge of Bed Missionary , Upright doggy , Armchair , High Heels
Sexual Style? Kinky , Dirty , Sensual , Hard and Fast
Fetishism? Boots , Corset , Fishnet , Stripping
If adding food into the act out of the question? No
Kink? Whips , Chains , Cuffs , Cat of nine tails , Wax , Ice , Blindfolds

Generic Questionaire
Marital Status? Single
Have Children? Yes
Employment Status? Stay at home Mom / Dad
Occupation? Other
Education? Some College
Annual Salary? <$30,000
My TV Watching Habbits? Soaps , Sitcoms , Discovery
My Native Tongue Is? English
My Second Language is? Spanish
Political Views? Very Liberal
Sense of Humor? Friendly
Interested In? Listening to Music , Exploring New Things , Writing , Cooking , Playing Music , Photography , Theatre , Night Clubs , Gaming , Chatting Online , Pets / Animals
Friends Describe Me As? Fun Loving and Wild
Favorite Type of Movies? Action / Adventure , Adult / XXX , Horror
I Drive A? Minivan
My Biggest Pet Peeve? People that interrupt others , Unsolicited Advice
Favorite Genres of Music? R&B Soul , Reggae , Techno , Rock , Pop , Heavy Rock , Salsa

What is your tv watching habits? always am on the tube
What is your favorite genre? horror
what is your favorite color? Purple
favorte things? Music, Good Company, and Great Sex!!

Match Making Questionaire
Ethnicity? African American / Black
Height? 5�6
Eye Color? Brown
Body Art? Piercings Body , Piercings Ears , Tattoo�s , Ask me
Body Type? Very Curvatious
Hair Color? Black
Want More Children? NO!!
Smoking? A few a day
Drinking? Socially
In a Social Setting, I'm? Make sure everyone has a good time , Mingle with everyone
Currently Living? Other
Religion? Christian
Attend Services? Rarely
Tell us about your ideal first date? A nice dinner followed by a great concert and then....well what kind of girl do you think I am??
What is your favorite food? Italian
What is your favorite color? Purple
What is your most hated food? Beets!!!!
Describe your ideal partner? A confident person comfortable in his own skin. A sense of humor is a must and communications skills are required. Looks are not everything but a bad personality is grounds for dismissal.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? The ability to fly
How many sexual partners have you had? Prefer not to say
Who is your hero? Too many to list
Have you ever wondered "The one that got away"? Yes
What is one place that you have always wanted to travel? Puerto Rico
What is your greatest failure? The word does not exist in my vocab.
What has been your greatest accomplishment? staying sane in a world gone madToo

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Welcome to my profile!

Don't be afraid to be yourself, you do it best!!!


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   About diva71
I am a fun loving chica who is looking to make friends. I am not looking for a hook-up. I do not believe you can find love by searching for it, Luv finds you when it is time. I have no shame in my game, so if you ask it I SHOULD answer. I love to sing, dance, read and watch movies. Let's all be friends and live it up!! If I offend anyone I am sorry, the Diva means no harm. After all everything said and done here is in good fun, right?? LET'S TALK!!

   diva71's Music
I am very ecclectic. I love most music. If it has a beat and I can move to it, it's good. 80's hairbands hold my heart and KISS is my all time fave! I will listen to anyting from Marvin Gaye, to Madonna to Shakira to Metallica and all else in between. (Of course Kate resides at the top of my chart) I assume that is a given or else why come??

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Can you not see that little light up there?

Date 11/10/07 07:45

Hey, thanks for finding me. I didn't even know I was lost! :-)




Date 11/08/07 12:51

0 \/\/ (0 \ >\-V-\_ / /



hello, dear Diva :-))

Date 10/17/07 01:29

had fun to discover your profile too ;-)) so we share common interests... that's good... yay - let's give it a go ;-))) nat



Thanks for the add!

Date 10/14/07 09:08

Hi and thanks for adding me :-) I also listen to Metallica and Shakira. Hope you're having a great weekend!


diva71 received 4 comments and sent 2 for others | View all comments

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