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66 Years old

0.00 miles away.
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     Hubi's Details
Sexual Orientation:hetero
Zodiac Sign:leo
Children:Not for Me

     Hubi's Interests
I am here ♫
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    Physical Description
    Ethnicity? Caucasian
    Body Type? A Stiff Breeze Makes Me Fall Down
    Height? I Block Out The Sun
    Hair Color? Blonde
    Eye Color? Blue
    Body Art? No

    What industry do you work in?? Other
    Employment Status? Unemployed
    Education? Some University
    Annual Salary? Less then $30,000

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    Michael68, Man, 55y
    Sep. 5th 06:19 PM
    kate, Woman, 65y
    Nov. 11th 11:30 PM

    Welcome to my profile!

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    Unforced Manifest

    Date 07/22/11 05:54 Date 0 Icon 5
    The Waves are
    manifestations of the Sea
    The Winds are
    manifestations of the Sky
    The Woods are
    manifestations of the Earth
    And my Moods are
    A manifestation of You

    (in-)completed from Interval Act 3. ... Read this article | User's blog

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    ; ;
    Zeus Ate the Music (Greed-Kanon) by Kate&Hubi

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    When You were young, when You were beautiful.

    But while youth decays with time real beauty only grows.


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